17 Nov 2015 update: All shares are now sold, thank you to all 250 subscribers! For other live community energy share offers see www.sharenergy.coop/live

Heartland Community Wind is a new Community Benefit Society. We will install and own two wind turbines in the heartland of Scotland, near Aberfeldy.

The turbines will be 100% owned by our members – we’re open to locals and members from further afield. We’ll be generating green energy and our surplus will provide scholarships for local young people.

The project model and share offer is supported by Sharenergy who have a long track record of delivering community energy projects across the UK. Community energy societies have been very popular at a time when many people are looking for alternatives to the energy giants and the banks – and of course when UK savings rates are at a historic low.

The Heartland project is now in the process of being built. We have planning permission, a grid connection and all the relevant permits. The Feed-in Tariff for this project was locked in before December 2014 so the project will not be affected by any recent government announcements regarding wind energy.

WTN production facility

WTN production facility

We’ve already paid deposits on the turbines, which are currently being built in Germany and will be operational by November 2015.

The project is based on Dingwall Wind Co-op and Wester Derry Wind Co-op which are now up and running with 380 members between them – Heartland Wind has been founded by members of the core team which established those projects. The turbines we will be using are the same reliable WTN 250 machines supplied by the same installer – Perth-based RM Energy. RM Energy have installed over 30 similar wind turbines at various sites around Scotland. The directors of the company have invested personally into Heartland Community Wind.