You can join us as a full member of the Society. You get a single vote irrespective of how much you subscribe for shares.

The first ‘pioneer’ offer of £450,000 raised funds to get the turbines on order and is now complete.

The second, main share offer brought us up to over £1.4m and we are currently running our final share offer to raise the remaining funds. WE ahave agreed payment terms with our suppliers so that construction is going ahead at the same time.

We aim to pay a fair rate of return – predicted at 7% on the basis of a cautious financial model.

EIS tax relief will also be available on this offer.  This means that anyone subscribing for shares, as long as they are a taxpayer, can claim back 30% of the value of shares from their tax bill. Subscribe for 1000 shares and as long as you paid more than £300 in tax this year you can claim £300 back from the taxman. It does not matter what rate you pay income tax at – this applies equally to all taxpayers.

All the details are available from our downloadable Share offer document or call us on 0800 043 4133 and we’ll send you a paper copy, and answer any questions you may have.



JS“This is an impressive and innovative way to ensure communities derive genuine benefits from wind turbine developments. Decisions will be made locally, not in some far-away corporation’s headquarters.”

John Swinney MSP