Heartland Community Wind is pleased to have supported four Perth College UHI students from Highland Perthshire with a scholarship for travel, materials and other costs. The students are Cristina Rodrigues, Jemima Stewart, Jordann Stewart and Hannah Merry.

Heartland Community Wind own and run two medium-sized wind turbines in the heartland of Scotland, near Aberfeldy. The turbines are 100% owned by our members – both locals and members from further afield. We generate green energy and have established this scholarship fund to help up to 5 local Perth College students from the Kenmore and Aberfeldy area every year.

Elizabeth Leighton, Heartland Community Wind director said, “We are delighted to set up this scholarship fund for the benefit of young people in the Aberfeldy and Kenmore area which will be awarded on an annual basis. The fund is based on the proceeds of generating green energy, helping to reduce our carbon emissions and tackle climate change. Our two turbines are now generating enough electricity to power nearly 500 electric cars an average of 10,000 miles a year each!”

Dr. Margaret Cook, Principal and Chief Executive at Perth College UHI, added: “The Perth College UHI Scholarship scheme is made possible by our valued partnerships with local businesses and initiatives, such as Heartland Community Wind, who provide our students with invaluable financial support to aid their studies. This combined with the qualifications gained at Perth College UHI, puts them in an excellent position to go on to have a successful career. We are extremely grateful to Heartland Community Wind for their support.”

Students Awarded Scholarships from Heartland Community Wind