Community fund to support local students

We’re delighted to announce that the community fund from Heartland Community Wind will support students from the Aberfeldy area travelling to Perth College UHI with five scholarships of £1000/yr. Details of the arrangement are now on our website. Local people and

Bursary to be announced

The Community fund from Heartland Community Wind will establish an annual bursary of £5,000 for students travelling to Perth College UHI from the PH15 postcode (Aberfeldy and Kenmore). This will be announced at the share offer launch tomorrow – Tuesday 27

Launch date coming up

We’ve just put the finishing touches to the share offer document ready for the main share offer for Heartland Community Wind, which will be on Tue 28 April at the Birks Cinema, Aberfeldy, 7-8.30pm. We’re hoping to see as many people

Last pioneer shares now on sale

We have around 70,000 shares still available. If anyone is hanging back, now’s your time to join us and get the project on the road. We’d like to remind everybody that we have full planning permission, a grid connection, pre-accreditation for

Share offer selling out rapidly

We’ve had an excellent response to our pioneer share offer with 70% of the 450,000 shares now sold. This has enabled us to make the first substantive payments towards full ownership of the project.  All the SEIS-bearing shares are now