We’re absolutely delighted to say that the turbines are now in place – just in time for another blizzard to come in. Photos and description courtesy of our heroic installation team – huge thanks to all of them.

Despite everything that nature could throw at us earlier in the week – snow, wind and rain – the turbines are now on site and being erected. Due to the conditions, we had to haul the trailers up to the site using two tractors, one behind the other, as the lorries themselves were simply incapable of getting up the track due to the conditions.
A special mention must go to Andy at Bolfracks Estatte who has been extremely helpful in many ways with equipment and assistance – all the guys on site, RM/Mosscliff staff and all our sub-contractors are all working extremely hard in very challenging conditions.

Sheridan Jenkins, RM Energy

A reminder that tax reliefs for community energy end this week, see www.sharenergy.coop/live for other projects.

Turbines in place!